Your best plan to ace NEET along with regular XI and XII preparation

    Unique Approach for NEET Crash Program

    One month before the Final NEET Exam is a crucial time for all the aspirants which should be utilized in the most productive manner targeting maximum results.

    Acharya Coaching NEET Crash Program 2020 is designed by very senior expert team of academicians follows most scientific approach towards giving personalized inputs to students. All NEET Topics/sub-topics are first segmented as per the weight age in NEET examinations by following past year trend and current year expected model question paper. Based on individual student’s preparedness/proficiency in these topics, during the pre-counseling stage, every student would be given specific plan to cover the topics while undergoing Crash Program Course at Acharya Coaching  .

    NEET Preparation Road map for students

    Category-wise plan given to the students

    Category A: CONCENTRATE
    These topics have high weight-age in NEET and if individual student is weak in those areas/topics that is definitely not going to help the cause. During the Crash Program classes, student needs to fully focus on the theory part as well as give adequate numerical focus through multiple work sheets. Students can also utilize personalized doubt clarification sessions.

    Category B: CONQUER
    These topics have high weight-age in NEET and student is already confident in terms of the basic expectations. This one month should be a time where the student can really plan to conquer these sections. Focusing on higher order level questions and time limited practice are the ways to achieve mastery in this area. Student need not have to spend much efforts on basic theory part in these topics. Acharya Coaching NEET Achievers kit provides higher order level questions for practice and students can fully utilize the same for conquering this section.

    Category C: CLEAR
    These topics have low weight-age in NEET and student is not thorough in this segment. This section requires basic coverage of theory/ synopsis and practice mostly along the lines of past year formats. Students can use Acharya Coaching NEET Crash Course Synopsis booklet along with Past Year NEET Archives for their preparation.

    Category D: COMMAND
    These topics have low weight-age in NEET and if student is good in terms of fundamentals in these topics, this one month is the time where student needs to get command on these topics. Students can plan to practice with Past Year NEET Archives and Acharya Coaching NEET Question Banks. It is also a good way to get practice through examinations/mock tests considering the time a student has to spend on category A topics.

    NEET Crash Program-Delivery Plan

    Delivery of the NEET Crash Program is designed in-line with Acharya Coaching  overall “Active Learning” methodology and the NEET Crash program approach for best possible results.


    • Comprehensive revision material- Hard copies of physics, chemistry and biology.
    • In-Class work books -Hard copies for classroom work.
    • Soft copies of CONCEPT maps, formula sheets, past year archives in Acharya Coaching.
    • Acharya Coaching expert faculties video lectures for theory and past year NEET questions.
    • Acharya Coaching For chapter wise/full tests, additional work books and practice materials.
    • 10 to 15 In-class tests (Success Ladder Series) along the lines of final NEET Exam.
    • NEET Mock Tests analysis- Class room based.

    Acharya Coaching NEET Crash Program Highlights

    • Unique Training Methodology to get best possible results for every students.
    • Team of Senior Biology Faculties and IITians as teaching faculties with AV mode of program delivery.
    • Comprehensive Learning Resources – Most comprehensive study packages, In-Class work books, Question banks, Past year archives.
    • Personalized support through doubt clarification sessions and work sessions.
    • Descriptive tests and objective tests to provide adequate support to excel in both regular academics and NEET.

    NEET Crash Program 2021 Outline

    Day 1Review of syllabus and weight-ages with action plan discussionReview of syllabus and weight-ages with action plan discussionReview of syllabus and weight-ages with action plan discussion 
    Day 2The Living World, Biological ClassificationUnits and Measurements & Experimental physicsBasic concepts of ChemistryDaily Test-1
    Day 3Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom1-D and 2-D Motion, Newtons lawsRedox reactions/ SolutionsDaily Test-2
    Day 4Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering PlantsWork Energy theorem, Centre of mass and system of particles, Rotational motionAtomic StructureDaily Test-3
    Day 5Structural Organisation in AnimalsThermal propoeries of matter, kinetic gas theoryPeriodic table/ chemical bondingDaily Test-4
    Day 6Cell-The Unit of Life, BiomoleculesThermodynamicss block and hydrogenDaily Test-5
    Day 7Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Transport in PlantsProperties of solidsp block (full)Daily Test-6
    Day 8Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsProperties of fluidsd & f blockDaily Test-7
    Day 9Respiration in Plants, Plant - Growth and DevelopmentWaves and OscillationsCoordination compoundsDaily Test-8
    Day 10CUMULATIVE TEST 1 (One third Syllabus) & Review   
    Day 11Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and CirculationWave opticsGeneral Organic Chemistry & Seperation techniquesDaily Test-9
    Day 12Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Locomotion and MovementRay opticsHydrocarbonsDaily Test-10
    Day 13Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Coordination and IntegrationGravitation, electro staticsOrganic chemistry- groups (Named reactions)Daily Test-11
    Day 14Reproduction in Organisms, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsElectric potential, capacitorsOrganic chemistry- groups (Synthesis reactions)Daily Test-12
    Day 15Human Reproduction, Reproductive HealthCurrent electricityPolymers/ bio molecules/Chemistry in everyday lifeDaily Test-13
    Day 16Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, EvolutionMagnetic effects of electric currentEnvironmental chemistry, Equilibrium- ChemicalDaily Test-14
    Day 17CUMULATIVE TEST 2 (One third Syllabus) & Review   
    Day 18Human Health and Diseases, Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionEMIEquilibrium- IonicDaily Test-15
    Day 19Microbes in Human Welfare, Biotechnology - Principles and Processes, Biotechnology and its ApplicationEM Waves, ACElectro chemistryDaily Test-16
    Day 20Organisms and Populations, EcosystemAtoms and Dual NatureStates of Matter/ Thermodynamics (general)Daily Test-17
    Day 21Biodiversity and its Conservation, Environmental IssuesNucleiThermo chemistryDaily Test-18
    Day 22Additional topics discussionSemi conductors and communication systemsSurface chemistry/ chemical kineticsDaily Test-19
    Day 23CUMULATIVE TEST 3 (One third Syllabus) & Review   
    Day 24NEET Full Test-1   
    Day 25NEET Full Test-2   
    Day 26NEET Full Test-3   
    Day 27NEET Full Test-4   
    Day 28NEET Full Test-5   
    Day 29 on wards - Full Syllabus Tests