Acharya Coaching JEE Mains and Advanced Crash Program is one of the highly coveted course for students looking for the much needed conceptual/numerical impetus before they go for the exams.

    Highlights of our Crash Program:

    • Sessions handled by IITians who would be able to provide right and highly specific inputs to students.
    • Customized planning for the students for the brief training period.
    • Well researched worksheets/problem sets to make efficient use of student’s time.
    • Practice through expected model question papers for Mains and Advanced.
    • Emphasis on the cross topic models of questions which is very important for serious JEE aspirants.
    • Special interactive sessions with previous year IIT toppers during the program.

    JEE Mains Schedule

    Session- 1 MECHANICS – I : Introduction and Measurement, Motion – I Dimension, Motion – II & III Dimension, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power GENERAL CHEMISTRY : Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Acids, Basses, Oxidation – Reduction, Redox Reactions ALGEBRA : Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Progressions, Permutation and Combination, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Inequalities, Sequence and Series Part Test-1
    Session- 2 MECHANICS – II :
    Gravitation; Properties of Matter-Viscosity, Surface Tension, Elasticity, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Rotatory Motion
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I : Solid State, Behaviour of Gasses, Chemical Equations, Solutions, Liquid State TRIGONOMETRY : Trigonometric Functions, Ratios and identities, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Equations, Heights and Distances, Properties of Triangle and Solutions of the Triangle Part Test-2
    Session- 3 HEAT :
    Thermometry Calorimetry; Thermal Expansion; Heat and thermodynamics; Conduction, Relation; Kinetic Theory of Gases
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II : Volumetric Analysis, Chemical Equilibrium, Iconic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics. CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY : The Straight Line, Pair of Straight Lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola. Part Test-3
    Session- 4 ELECTRICITY :
    Electric Forces, Charges and Fields; Electrostatics; Current Electricity; Electric Conduction of simple circuits; Thermal and Chemical effect of Current Thermoelectricity.
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY III : Chemical Energetics, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS, MATRICES AND DETERMINANTS :
    Relation, Function; Matrices – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Solution of Equations; Determinants.
    Part Test-4
    Session- 5 MAGNETISM : Magnetic Properties of Matter; Magnetism; Alternating Current Circuits, Magnetic Effect of Currents, Electro Magnetic Function NORGANIC CHEMISTRY I : Metals and Metallurgy, s-block elements, p-block elements. DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS : Functions, Limits, Continuity and differentiability, Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation-increasing and decreasing functions, Rolle’s Theorem, tangents and normals, Maxima and Minima Part Test-5
    Session- 6 WAVE MOTION AND OPTICS : Simple Harmonic Waves; Superposition, Interference; Beats, Standing Waves; Doppler’s Effect; Wave Optics; Ray Optics and Optical Instruments; Electromagnetic Waves. NORGANIC CHEMISTRY II : d-block elements, Co-ordination Compounds and Organometalics, Chemical principles involved in the qualitative salt analysis. INTEGRAL CALCULUS : Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration, Application of Definite Integration, Differential equations. Part Test-6
    Session- 7 MODERN PHYSICS : Atomic Physics-Electrons and Photons, Atoms, Nuclei and Molecules; Electronic Physics-Solids and Semi-conductor Devices, Photoelectric effect, Vacuum Tubes; Nuclear Physics – Radioactivity, Communication Systems. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I : Purification and Characterisation of organic compounds, General Organic Chemistry, Classification and Nomenclature, Hydrocarbons, Halogen Derivatives,(Chemistry Involved in Prep of Acetanilide, p – nitro Acetanilide, aniline yellow Iodoform) Detection of Elements function groups (-OH, CHO, -COOH ) VECTOR AND THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY : Vector Algebra, Scalar and Vector Product, Vector Triple Product, Application to Geometry; Three Dimensional Geometry. Part Test-7
    Session- 8 EXPERIMENTAL SKILLS IN PHYSICS ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II : Compounds Containing O(Phenols, alcohols, acids, aldehydes, ketones, ether etc.) Compounds Containing N & S (Amines, Amides, etc), Active methylene compounds, Conversions, Biochemistry, Polymers, Chemistry in Action. SETS, MATHEMATICAL REASONING STATISTICS AND PROBABILTY: Sets, Mathematical Reasoning Statistics; Probability – Addition and Multiplication, Theorems, Conditional Probability, Bay’s Theorem. Part Test-8
    Full Syllabus Mains Tests

    JEE Advanced Schedule

    Session Mathematics Physics Chemistry Test
    Session-1 Sets, relations and functions Units and Measurements Basic concepts of Chemistry JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-2 Equalitoes and inequalities, maxima and minima 1-D and 2-D Motion, Newtons laws Redox reactions/ Solutions JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-3 Matrices and determinants Work Energy theorem, Centre of mass and system of particles, Rotational motion Atomic Structure JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-4 Sequences and series, binomial theorem Thermal propoeries of matter, kinetic gas theory Periodic table/ chemical bonding JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-5 Complex numbers Thermodynamics s block and hydrogen JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-6 Permutations and combnations Properties of solids p block (full) JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-7 Probability (basic) Properties of fluids d & f block JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-8 Probability (in geometry and functions) Waves and Oscillations Coordination compounds JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-9 Cartesian coordinte sstem and radial system Wave optics GOC JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-10 Straightlines Ray optics Hydrocarbons JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-11 Circles Gravitation, electro statics Organic chemistry- groups (Named reactions) JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-12 Conic sections Electric potential, capacitors Organic chemistry- groups (Advanced level reactions) JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-13 Vectors Current electricity Polymers/ bio molecules JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-14 3 D Geometry Magnetic effects of electric current Equilibrium- Chemical JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-15 Trignometric functions identities EMI Equilibrium- Ionic JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-16 Inverse trignometric functions and applications EM Waves, AC Electro chemistry JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-17 Limits, continuity and differentiability Atoms and Dual Nature States of Matter/ Thermodynamics (general) JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-18 Applications of derivates, diffferential equations Nuclei Thermo chemistry JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-19 Indefinite integration Semi conductors Surface chemistry/ chemical kinetics JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-20 Definite integration and applications Advanced level numericals Advanced level numericals JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
    Session-21 JEE Advanced Full Test-1
    Session-22 JEE Advanced Full Test-2
    Session-23 JEE Advanced Full Test-3
    Session-24 JEE Advanced Full Test-4
    Session-25 JEE Advanced Full Test-5