CAST 2020 – VI Admission – Scholarship Test (Set A)

Welcome to your CAST 2020 - VI Admission - Scholarship Test (Set A)

Number of Questions: 50
Duration: 90 minutes
Maximum Marks: 200

General Instructions:
● This paper contains four sections: Section I-Mathematics (20 questions) , Section II-Physics (10 questions) , Section III-Chemistry (10 questions) and Section II-Biology (10 questions)
● Each question has +4 for correct answer. No negative marking for wrong answers
● Use of calculators and other devices is prohibited
● Students are advised to mark the answers carefully in the OMR sheet provided

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1. _______ tens make a crore
2. The product of the place values of 6 in 438269160, divided by 1000
3. The difference between the predecessor and successor of one million is
4. The value of 12 - (3 + 5)
5. What is a graph drawn using a vertical bars?
6. Express  in minutes
7. Reena pours 2l 250ml of juice equally in 9 glasses. How much juice is there in each glass.


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